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Wedding Artistry

Are you looking for something totally unique for your big day? 


Wedding artistry is becoming extremely popular but this artistry is even more unique. A gift from your guests to you, this framed artwork will be curated on your wedding day, at your venue, using the treasures your own guests bring with them! 

How does it work?

When you send out your invites, you will send out a small envelope to each guest, with their name on the front (these are the names you wish to see on the artwork).


You will ask each guest to bring a small treasure i.e. a piece of seaglass, sea pottery, shell,  driftwood, stone or even something like a key or a sixpence in that envelope. 

Each treasure will be used by me to create your beautiful mosaic love heart and the name of the guests written next to the pieces they gifted. 

At the end of the evening, you will get to take the artwork away with you as a fantastic momento of your wonderful day with all those people who love you dearly. 

To the left is the most recent piece made for Jade and Mike's wedding. The piece measures 16" x 16" and was framed in a high quality wooden box frame. 

"This is the finished piece from our wedding. The Sea Potter did an incredible job and we absolutely treasure it. We love talking about it to people and the funny or touching stories behind why they brought what they did. Some had us laughing, others had us crying. And we have it to keep forever. A real conversation piece in our kitchen to tell everyone about. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane, it's come out even better than we imagined" - Jade


Do we have to use beachcombed treasure?

No, during the consultation we can discuss the items you would like included in your mosaic.

How long does the process take?

It depends on the size of the artwork but typically it will take 3 hours. 

What if a guest forgets to bring their treasure?

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to leave space to add it in later but I will bring a selection of treasures with me for your guests to choose from. 

Will it be in the daytime or the evening?

You can decide on this, depending on whether you have evening guests that you would like included. 

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